For Knee Cartilage — Medical Breakthrough Detailed.
Osteoarthritis is a common and a progressive damaging condition leading to various levels of immobility among patients and also unaware potential patients across globe.
A medical breakthrough is the emerging hope of curing this condition. And that too without any painful surgery or complicated and risky procedure.
Cell harvesting and transplant is a mind blowing rejuvenation technique which has succeeded beyond clinical trials.
Applying stem cell harvesting technology lubricating fluid of the patients knee parts are regenerated , transplanted and recreate a rejuvenated knee. Giving the patients knee a new lease of life of many healthy years.
Southend ortho clinic is the only orthopedic clinic in Delhi and India which makes this possible here in collaboration with ‘Apollo Hospitals’ – who holds the exclusive rights of the procedure in India.

  Keep Walking

— Johnnie Walker

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